About us..

We are Souljar UK and we pride ourselves in distributing Souljar E-liquid to you! We really believe in our product and care about what our customers want, so on that basis Souljar has become one of the best selling premium liquids that the UK has to offer! 

There are 4 incredible ranges that Souljar have produced:

- AirForce Series 80/20 VG PG

- Guerilla Series 60/40 VG PG

- Delta Series 60/40 VG PG

- Syndicate Series 70/30 VG PG

AirForce Series:

- HoneyDew Melon

- Pineapple

Guerilla Series:

- Grape

- Apple

- Mango 

- Guava

Delta Series:

- Strawberry Popcorn

- Caramel Cereal 

Syndicate Series 

- Lemonade Lime 

- Mango Lime 

- Vanilla Lime 

Holiday Series (EXCLUSIVE):

- Christmas Candy

- Christmas Dessert 


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