Souljar's Launch Event 21/12/2017

2017 was an exciting year for The Vape Factory. We attended the Vaper Expo in Birmingham late October, which is where we bumped into Souljar. I'm not going to make this sound like a romance but sparks flew and connections were made.. i.e. phone numbers were exchanged blah blah blah and business chat was had. ANYWAY in the coming months plans were devised to bring Souljar to the UK and we only went and achieved it!

On the 19th December we flew the Souljar Crew from Malaysia over to the UK to stay with us over the Christmas period, and more importantly for them to launch Souljar's exclusive Holiday flavours in the UK. The event was held at Everest Cuisine in Southampton and we invited retailers and wholesalers county wide to come and celebrate the success of the launch with us! Our media coverage for the event was Vapouround Magazine who supplied us with banners and pop up stands for the event also.

The evening was brilliant! Music was playing, the photo booth was busy, the food was incredible and most of all, everybody at the event had a chance to try Souljar's 8 flavours along with the 2 exclusive holiday flavours, which were launched by Souljar themselves at our event!

The two flavours are Christmas Dessert and Christmas Candy, and I can tell you now, they're amazing! Not only do you get 50ml of liquid, you also receive a dog tag and a collectable pin in the box. So its almost like a gift, and who doesn't like getting gifts huh? We had great fun (even if it did get a little smoky in the room) but what else would be expected from a vape event..

Seriously though, if you haven't yet tried Souljar then you my friend are missing out! There are 3 different series:

Guerila -

- Apple

- Mango

- Guava

- Grape

Airforce -

- Honeydew Melon

- Pineapple

Delta -

- Strawberry Popcorn

- Caramel Cereal

EXCLUSIVE Holiday series -

- Christmas Pudding

- Christmas Candy

And trust me not one of these flavours leaves a bad taste in your mouth (I've tried them all... about 100 times). Get in touch with us today to grab some Souljar before its gone... nah who am I kidding Souljar is here, and its here to stay!

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